Our Values &
Our Team

Our Values
Wonder ‘What’s around the corner?’
  • Be Curious

  • Seek to listen, learn, understand, grow

  • Allow for unintended consequences

  • Ask 'Why?’

Every line means something
  • Be the expert

  • Insist on the highest standards

  • Take ownership

Create 'Raving Fans'
  • Customer Obsession

  • Earn trust and guide them through the process

  • Over deliver, delight and surprise

Share your story
  • Take action

  • Enthusiastic, energetic, tenacious and hard working

  • Dive deep

  • Deliver results

Our Process
Create Raving Fans

We pride ourselves in our relationships with our clients. We get to know you and how you go about your life so we can design a space that reflects who you are.


We have a strong network of reliable builders we work with. When a client hires one we're not familiar with, we make sure to build a solid foundation with them, keeping constant dialogue open to minimize mistakes and make sure your project goes off without a hitch.

Integrating Technology

We integrate new technology into our workflow. Computer modeling, 3d prints and VR are all included in how we analyze and adjust our designs.

Knowledge is key

With a new project, we immediately research legal data on the lot. County parcel reports, zoning codes and setbacks and all the minutia that has a big impact on a property are top priority.

We are a team of creatives driven by passion and ambition.

Milo Rivera
Project Manager

Milo’s eclectic interests and ability to visualize ideas and solutions from multiple perspectives has allowed his work to excel. He believes designing a project is an adventure. He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Woodbury University and is currently pursuing professional licensure.

Mark W. Daniels, AIA
Founder & Architect

Mark's mission is to solve rigorous design problems through manipulation of scale, materials and use of natural light, creating bespoke solutions for each project and client. He applies his diverse skill set to generate truly unique results. Mark studied at the University of Hawaii and the Southern California Institute of Architecture and is a registered architect in the states of California and Florida.

Shaun Harris

Shaun's life took him from an upbringing on his family's ranch to Brazil and Canada for a number of years, shaping his design perspective. He studied architecture in Idaho and California at College of the Desert where his work was displayed at the Architecture & Design Museum in Palm Springs as well as the Marks Art Center.

Michelle Ortiz

Michelle is very passionate about storytelling through graphics and improving the built environment by combining Neuroscience and Architecture. She received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from NewSchool of Architecture in San Diego. She also studied abroad in Santiago de Compostela Spain, Moving Boundaries, an immersive Architectural program that hosts students from around the world.

Tyler Mohr
Senior Designer

Tyler's fascination with temporal qualities of the built environment shape his design ideology. Tyler's design process is predicated on an intimate understanding of site and it's unique context. Ultimately this process affords an integrated, holistic vision for each project he works on. Tyler holds a bachelor's degree from Colorado State University and a master's degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Lindsey Dierig

Lindsey is a passionate designer with focuses in digital fabrication, robotics and ceramics. Her work has brought her around the world from Los Angeles to Florence, Italy, where she has worked to create conceptual designs from rigorous modeling. Lindsey received her Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University as well as her Master’s in Advanced Architectural Design from the Weitzman School at the University of Pennsylvania.