Reflection Ridge


Palm Springs, CA

our approach

Located in Palm Springs' renowned Tennis Club district, the Reflection Ridge residence embraces the rocky terrain of the San Jacinto Mountains. Prior to construction, the site was covered in boulders that appeared as though they eroded from the mountains beyond. This inherited materiality gave way to the architectural and site design concept. 

Over the course of history, drainage paths carved and shaped the San Jacinto mountains in a way that resembles a series of faceted planes - this shaping is evident when the sun rises and morning light articulates the varying faces of the mountain range. The architecture and site borrow this faceted planar vernacular as it shapes many of the distinguishing features of the residence. The recurrence of this geometry is an ever-present reminder of the mountains, even when they are not directly visible.

The ridge-like geometry of the living area organizes the residence’s main social space while branches on either side extend northward. These branches connect varying program within the building while simultaneously functioning as a linear gallery for art and sculpture. Narrow, full-height windows allow natural light to fill the gallery corridors while also  selectively framing views beyond.

The landscape design emulates the faceted planar geometry that defines the main social space. A shard shaped pool and a raised infinity-edge spa are the “pearl” within a garden of native and water-efficient vegetation. Visible from almost every room in the residence, the spa reflects the vegetation and mountains beyond, consistently reiterating the property’s close proximity and influence from the San Jacinto Mountains beyond.

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