Desert Palisades


Palm Springs, CA

our approach
Conceptual Design

Our conceptual approach is the combination of two ideas. The first is what we’ve coined the ‘Podium House’... the idea of structure emanating from the earth, like an ancient ruin. Something that has been in that location for ages, and is meant to be there. This approach allows the landscape and users to flow in, around, and between the structure as though each room is a small intervention into the site in Desert Palisades.

We pair this with our take on Voss-Andreae’s approach to sculpture. An experience dependent on viewer interaction, ever changing as one moves around the piece… evolving from opaque to transparent and back. We’ve adapted this concept’s experiential qualities, but also use it to modulate the intense conditions of the desert, shading western exposures and opening up to the areas where sunlight can be regulated…. to the north and south.

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